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Group Assignments

During the semester, your group will have about 4 activities to perform together. The first and major one is the group presentation.


bullet Semester Project
(Instructions coming soon)

A few portfolios from last year:





- Study Guide Test 1
- Skills from chapters

Project 5, practice only

Project 4, Photoshop practice files
Project 4, Instructions


Font dialog box, practice if you need to

Classwork, Sept 15

Prepare files for 9/8/14

  1. Search for a US flag and save it as a file.  
  2. Search for a Ravenel Bridge and save it as a file.  
  3. Download this SC flag.  It’s a Photoshop file that has a clipping path built in.
    (practice exercise from 9/8) 

For the 11:30 class, don't worry about creating the new file with rich black rectangle. Reason is that I am uploading this info too late to expect you to be responsible for it.

What was covered in Project 8




Design Concepts (elements, principles, tips)