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Day-to-day links and needs:

  • Chapter 10, Notes
  • Chapter 7, Brief notes
    • Apr. 1, Responsive Design, Download

    • For practice, you will create a layout that looks
      similar to this. It is a basic 3-column layout with some extras.

      See simplified versions: Home || Content

      We will be creating Home. Then if time permits, we will create About or Testimonials pages.

      Get started with HTML: I will give you a handout with a wireframe showing the structure. Don't worry about the CSS for the layout. Your HTML will initially be in normal flow.

      Additionally, find a wide oblong image for the header, and 3 medium rectangular images. On Wednesday we'll continue with the new material from the chapter and develop the CSS for the layout.

  • Chapter 6: Positioning Practice File
  • Chapter 6: Mar 4, Solution to Chap 6 layout

  • February 20-22 Agenda
  • Chapter 4 Notes, Powerpoint
  • Chapter 4, In-class Assignment
    - Day 1 || Banner sample
    - Day 2
    - Day 3
    - Optional: Fancy special characters
    - Final webpage
    -Then submit after class on 2/15. We'll need to
      refine it during Friday's class.

  • Feb 6 Topics

Chapter Notes