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Day-to-day links and needs:

  • Chapter 7:
    • Some Chapter 7 Notes (PPT)
    • For practice, you will create a layout that looks
      similar to this. It is a basic 3-column layout with some extras.

      We will be creating Home. Then if time permits, we will create About or Testimonials pages.

      Get started with HTML: I will give you a handout with a wireframe showing the structure. Don't worry about the CSS for the layout. Your HTML will initially be in normal flow with one structural element below another.

      However, if you want to challenge yourself to eyeball the wireframe and complete the design...go for it.
      Anyway, on Wednesday we'll continue with the new material from the chapter and develop the CSS for the layout. .
  • Mar 9, 12:30 class: submit what we did inclass
    Mar 9, 01:30 class: see email and OAKS
  • Chapter 6.
    - Image Gallery & Favicon
    - Starter Chap 6  HTML
    - Starter Chap 6 CSS

  • Classwork Wed Feb 21-
    Add it to your homework page

  • Feb 16: Chapter 4, even more
    - Continued info on Powerpoint
    - Screenshot of practice
  • - Some fairuse Fair Use Images
    - starter HTML || starter CSS