The assignment will take place in two phases. The first phase is where you'll take your own photos of the city. Then in phase two, you will perform the re-touching of these photos in Photoshop. The reason for the two phases is so that you can pace yourself and not have to rush through the process.

NOTE: You can use a city other than Charleston if you wish.
Therefore, I am giving your the information prior to Spring break to expand your choices.


Assignment, Phase One

Take at least 10 photos of any aspects of Charleston. You can focus on a certain category, such as architecture, people, the fine arts, popular attractions, churches, wrought iron gates, doors, window boxes, College of Charleston scenes, etc. Whatever you choose, try to keep it within one theme.

Alternatively, you can choose a variety of photographs rather than having a theme. THE RULE IS THAT YOU MUST TAKE THE PICTURES YOURSELF. It does not matter what kind of camera you use. Also, please do not pre-process the pictures with your camera or any other software.


How to Submit:

Due: MONDAY, March 26, 2018 (PLEASE note unusualy day of week)

Upload your 10 photographs to OAKS in a Dropbox titled “Phase One Photos”.

This Phase One assignment will count in your Participation grade (1% of Final grade).


Assignment, Phase Two

Finish the following freeform exercise that you started in Phase One. You will mostly use skills learned in Project 6 of Photoshop.

Art Director Comments (an overview)

This exercise involves touching up photos to represent Charleston in the best light.

Client Comments (more instructions)

Over the next year, the Tourism Board is planning on publishing a series of promotional booklets to show tourists that Charleston is more than just the Ravenel Bridge. Each booklet in the series will focus on an area of interest such as fine art, architecture, culture, College of Charleston scenes, etc.

We would like at least six (6) pictures that represent Charleston in a positive light. They need to be corrected and optimized for printing on a sheetfed press. Of course, Charleston like other cities, have their problems – not the least of which are graffiti, garbage, and electrical/telephones wires. We are trying to attract tourists, not turn them away. Make sure none of the images show any blatant distractions; if any show in the images you select, give them a good digital cleaning.

In summary, you WILL NOT create the booklet — just supply the pictures in an attractive format.

For each picture that you touch up, save the before, the after, and list or explanation of the major touchups that you performed. Below is an example, although your layout will be as you prefer.

touch up

Prepare for Submitting:

Use Word or PowerPoint to display the before, after & explanation. I think that it would look nice to have one set of BEFORE/AFTER/EXPLANATION per page, making a total of 6 pages. Be sure to use design principles to make sound decisions about attractive and user-friendly layout of your display.

- Save as PDF if you wish (PDF is optional)
- Upload in a Dropbox entitled “Phase Two Photos”.

- Due: March 30, 2018