Study Guide
HTML5 Chapters 1 – 4

Chapters covered:

Chapters 1-4 are covered on the test.

Study the following Test #1:

A few examples of essay questions are:

A few examples of Multiple Choice questions are:

  1. Which of the following tags should NOT be located in the head section?
    1. <title>
    2. <div>
    3. <meta>
    4. All the tags listed above should be coded in the head section
  2. Which of the following is used to apply a style to only one area on a web page?
    1. group
    2. class
    3. id
    4. section
  3. Which one of the following organizations coordinates applications for new Top Level Domains (TLDs)?
    1. ICANN
    2. IETF
    3. W3C
    4. TCP
  4. Which of the following graphic types can be made transparent?
    1. JPG
    2. GIF
    3. BMP
    4. MAC
  5. Choose the special character that is used to indicate a blank space.
    1. &copy;
    2. &nbsp;
    3. &blank;
    4. none of the above
  6. What tag pair is used to create the smallest heading?
    1. <h10> </h10>
    2. <h6> </h6>
    3. <h1> </h1>
    4. <head type=“smallest”> </head>