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What to study


Philosophy of incremental development ‐ Algorithms

Chapter 1 All pages
Chapter 2 All pages
Chapter 3 All pages
Chapter 4 All pages
Chapter 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Pages 143-144; be able to explain the steps/elements in creating a class.
  • Have general knowledge of if() and for() statements. I don't believe you need special in-depth studying about these because you've been using them so much. I might ask a regular question similar to the bonus question from Test #3.

Graphic design principles

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Chapter 9

All pages

Chapter 11

All pages

Chapter 15

Pages 301-316

Chapter 17

Pages 361-376. Skip Text mosaic

Chapter 18

Pages 383-385

Chapter 10


Chapter 14

Study all pages from both chapters. Focus on:

  • new terminology introduced
  • new processing functions
  • being able to explain the algorithm process.

Because you have not had time to repeatedly work with the new functions in chapters 10 & 14, I will not ask you to code any of the new functions outright. You will be asked about some of them in the form of short answers and multiple choices.


The test will be a combination of short answer questions, essays, multiple choice, writing functions, and debugging code errors. The questions will be phrased just like those on Test 1 and 3. Therefore, good studying techniques are: