Create a 4-page responsive website about an artist that you admire. It could be in the category of performing or visual arts. You do not have to write original composition, but can instead copy text from another website. (You'll add a disclaimer about this.)


These are the minimum specifications for the website.

  • Design in any combination of grid, media queries, and flexbox.
  • Four pages, as follows:
    Home, About the Artist, a page of your choice, References

    The References page is where you will indicate the main source of your information. There is no special way to cite them; but be sure they are hyperlinked with the <a> tab.
  • At least one page must be configured as 3 columns.
    Or a significant portion of the page must be 3 columns.

    Other pages must be either 2 or 3 columns.
    In real life, each page of a website doesn't have to have the exact structure. However, you would always want most pages to have same layout for these reasons:
    - in order to save time.
    - so that users have better sense of direction/navigation. It creates a cohesive look & feel.

    FYI, please see examples of 3-column layouts.
  • NOTE: When you copy text from other places, you are responsible for making it look attractive and realistic. Also provide the necessary paragraph breaks according the the "Best Practices" info in Chapter 5.
  • All images must be in a folder called “images.”
  • A visually pleasing and highly customized header area. You can also include a hero picture if it fits in with your design ideas.
  • An unordered list. You must use an image as the bullets, as learned in Chapter 6.
  • For the About the artist page, make it a long and scrollable page of about 3 screens. Then use set of at least 3 fragmented identifiers and links.
  • A 4-picture photo gallery with thumbnails linking to larger pictures.
  • Use pseudo-class in your main navigation. Don't just stop with the minimum CSS. The navigation should also be intricate and attractive.
  • Use a fat footer of at least 120px for the desktop version. In your footer area, write a disclaimer indicating that this is a class assignment focused on coding websites and not original content.  Also in your footer area, make a link to your References page. Add other footer information to make it look attractive and informative.

Lastly, the website must look aesthetically pleasing and professional. 

Due: Wednesday March 24, 2021

Link to your Assignment Page under the Homework section