Assignment - Chapters 8 & 10



Use a search engine to research web hosting providers, or visit web host directories such as Hosting Review or Hosting Facts. Upon completion of the research, you will choose what you feel are the top five providers and present your findings in a single webpage.


This will be a 2-column responsive layout with a hero image at  the top. Here is a
wireframe of the layout.

The hero image will be responsive and cover the entire width of the browser. 

In the first column, you will include at least a paragraph of introductory or summative information   . Your summary should have an authoritative and credible tone based on your research.

In the second column, you will display the results of your findings in a table. The table will have 5 or 6 headings. One of these headings must be the company's logo that links to each website. Examples of other headings are: Cost of hosting, Domain name costs, Amount of disk space, Type of e-commerce, etc.

Your table should look attractive. A good examples is at  printer comparison. Or take a quick look at d this page and scroll to the samples.

Footer: Place your name and email address in the footer of your webpage.

Refinement: Be sure that your webpage has an attractive layout, color scheme, and appropriate graphics to add to the visual appeal. It is a good idea to include LOTS OF WHITE, but with beautiful accents of color and imagery.