Assignment - Create a Table


Create a simple webpage that includes a three-column table to describe the courses you are taking this semester. It doesn't matter if the data is true or not, as long as you include 4-5 courses.

The columns will contain the course name, location, and instructor name. The first row of the table should use th tags.

In addition to the columns, you will create a row at the bottom that spans all columns. The row will include general remarks about the semester...about 30-50 words.

Other specifications:

At minimum in your CSS, include the following:


Submit by linking to your assignment page with the label "Basic Table".

DUE DATE IS Monday, March 29th by 6pm
The quick turnaround is because these basics come at the beginning of the chapter, and it is a perfect time to prove to yourself that you can grasp the basics.


Sample: Below is the basic table without the styles. I omitted the CSS because I don't want to influence your styles. However, you do have to include some minimum styles as indicated above.

Courses - Spring 2021

Course Name Location Instruction
Web Design HWE 334 Moore
Principles of Microeconomics BCTR 100 Johnson
Computer Programming Online Smith
Music Appreciation SCFA 300 Wellington
Pre-modern History Online Jones-Livingston
REMARKS: This semester started out to be challenging but is proving to be successful at this point. At midterm, I had C's in each course. I feel that I can pull up the C's by the end of the semester.