A list of recommended web sites, books, and articles that you can explore to enhance your experience in the class. This list is frequently updated.

Free web images sites
bullet Transparent Patterns Fabulous! The patterns are semitransparent. Therefore you can change the color on the fly.
bullet Good place for modern seamless backgrounds, over 375 of them. Weakness is that they are not categorized, but you can search on keywords.
bullet Free high resolution pictures
bullet A good site for web art of all types. This takes you directly to the backgrounds page. The backgrounds are less garish than on some sites.
bullet Website Bullets A website with simple bullets fit for many occasions. They are correctly sized and not flambouyant.
bullet A large source of background files
Low cost Stock Photography, generally $0-$15
bul Pixabay Nearly 900,000 free high quality images.
bul I learned about this one from ATC textbook. Seems great!
bul Wallpaper style backgrounds Large images to be used on websites as well.
bul CanStock Photos  Good pricing and a variety of photos.
bullet Stock photos that are good for practicing. Otherwise cost $79 each.
bullet If you get an account, you can "right click" to save pictures.
bullet Comstock If you sign on, you can get free practice files that are usually 200-300 pixels. You don't have to pay money for signing up.
bullet This is the best I've found for a web designer on a budget. High quality photos are shared by a community of photographers, with pricing starting at $1. Over the years, however, the pricing for the larger images have increased.
Logo and button generators sites
bullet Truthfully, some of the ones listed below are from the late 90's. However, this is a newer type of menu generator that uses CSS rather than images.
bullet This site quickly generates buttons in image or CSS format.
bull This site quickly generates buttons and logos that can be customized as desired. 
but Uses CSS3 shadows to create 3-D effect on text
bullet This site is very similar the It allows lots of customization for your web art.
Tutorial and reference sites
bullet HTML Elements Reference This Mozilla site is authoritative and handy
bullet A great site for short, easy to follow tutorials. 
bullet Contains easy-to-read tutorials. Also contains a user forum where you can ask questions of others.
bullet is a very comprehensive site.  It contains lots of material relating to web site development.  One of its most useful areas deals with design tips and principles. 
bullet At W3Schools you will find all the Web-building tutorials you need, from basic HTML to advanced coding and scripting.
bullet This is a solid and authoritative site that offers help on a wide range of topics. The site does not look fancy, but provides great information in a reference manner. It focuses on material that helps you to create sites that work in all browsers.
bullet Special characters.  This is just one of the many sites that provides a convenient list of special characters. Thanks to University of Texas.
CSS references
bullet Round Corner generator Automatically generates round corners and shadows
bullet CSS3 Generator Automatically generates common CSS3 styles
Free web hosting
Text Editors and HTML Editors I've used this text editor in lieu of Notepad for years. Features include opening multiple files, drag & drop, toolbars, numbering lines, etc. There are two versions--Lite and Pro. Although it's worth paying for, I recommend the Lite version if you are on a budget.
bullet This freeware editor was recommended by Drew Shamrock. I've downloaded it and can readily see that it lives up to its billing. The Crimson Editor includes syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, Perl, Javascript, and many more languages.
bullet Hexadecimal color chart
bullet Color Chart - 100 plus, colors RGB to Hexadecimal color converter
bullet Another Color Chart Wikipedia's entire color page
bullet Hexadecimal equivalents - from 0 to 255
bullet Gain quick confidence with your choice of colors. Use this tool to generate color schemes of good-looking, well balanced and harmonic web pages.
Multimedia (Audio & Video)
bullet Quickly convert various types media online. No software installation needed. Free
bullet Generates dummy text. Also tells the story behind "Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet"

Common Windows and Mac Fonts