Web Design Resources

A list of recommended web sites, books, and articles that you can explore to enhance your experience in the class.
This list is frequently updated.

Free and Low Cost Web Imaes
Transparent Patterns Fabulous! The patterns are semitransparent. Therefore you can change the color on the fly.
Subtlepatterns.com Good place for modern seamless backgrounds, over 375 of them. Weakness is that they are not categorized, but you can search on keywords.
stockvault.net Free high resolution pictures
Website Bullets A website with simple bullets fit for many occasions. They are correctly sized and not flambouyant.
Pixabay Nearly 900,000 free high quality images.
Snipstock.com PNG and Photoshop images. The small and medium sizes are free.
PNGImg.com Free PNG images
Freepngs.com Seems to be associated with SnipStock
publicdomainpictures.net I learned about this one from ATC textbook. Seems great!
Wallpaper style backgrounds Large images to be used on websites as well.
CanStock Photos  Good pricing and a variety of photos.
Punchstock.com Stock photos that are good for practicing. Otherwise cost $79 each.
Flickr.com If you get an account, you can "right click" to save pictures.
www.stockio.com Thousands of free Photos, Vectors, Icons, Fonts and Videos. You can find premium pictures as well.
CSS and other generators sites
cssmenumaker.com Truthfully, some of the ones listed below are from the late 90's. However, this is a newer type of menu generator that uses CSS rather than images.
Dabuttonfactory.com This site quickly generates buttons in image or CSS format.
Flamingtext.com This site quickly generates buttons and logos that can be customized as desired. 
CSS3Generator Very nice. It has about 12 different techniques, and attempts to give you a view of your choice as you type in parameters.
CSS3maker It has lots of visual results. It also provides a browser compatibility chart.
Colorzilla.com/gradient-editor This only does one thing - gradients. However, it provides indepth options for creating and editing gradients.
CSS3gen.com This does the same techniques as the others, including animation. Admittedly, most of these techniques can be just as easily created by typing from scratch. However, for speed of generating, they may be useful. Also good for trial and error because of their WYSIWYG nature.
http://www.cooltext.com This site is very similar the flamingtext.com. It allows lots of customization for your web art. http://dabuttonfactory.com
Tutorial and reference sites
HTML Elements Reference This Mozilla site is authoritative and handy
Vanseodesign.com Includes design principles topics and many others. A repository for his prolific wrting about a variety of design topics.
htmlprimer.com/ Contains easy-to-read tutorials. Also contains a user forum where you can ask questions of others.
webdesign.about.com/cs/html www.about.com is a very comprehensive site.  It contains lots of material relating to web site development.  One of its most useful areas deals with design tips and principles. 
www.w3schools.com At W3Schools you will find all the Web-building tutorials you need, from basic HTML to advanced coding and scripting.
www.htmlhelp.com This is a solid and authoritative site that offers help on a wide range of topics. The site does not look fancy, but provides great information in a reference manner. It focuses on material that helps you to create sites that work in all browsers.
www.utexas.edu/learn/html/spchar.html Special characters.  This is just one of the many sites that provides a convenient list of special characters. Thanks to University of Texas.
CSS references
Round Corner generator Automatically generates round corners and shadows
CSS3 Generator Automatically generates common CSS3 styles
Free web hosting
Text Editors and HTML Editors
www.editpadlite.com Features include opening multiple files, drag & drop, toolbars, numbering lines, etc. There are two versions--Lite and Pro.
Brackets.io Free from Adobe
Colors (hex and RGB lists)
www.easycalculation.com Hexadecimal color chart
Color Chart - 100 plus, colors RGB to Hexadecimal color converter
Another Color Chart Wikipedia's entire color page
HTMLcolorcodes.com/color-names When you're practicing HTML, and don't feel like looking up colors
www.cookwood.com Hexadecimal equivalents - from 0 to 255
Color Schemes


Best for exploring existing schemes and downloading text version. Click “Explore” then “View”. Then copy the hex color.


An old site, but great for choosing monochrome scheme. Scroll down to the main color area.

Reds: www.december.com/html/spec/color1.html
Greens: www.december.com/html/spec/color2.html
Blues: www.december.com/html/spec/color3.html
Purples: www.december.com/html/spec/color4.html
Blacks: www.december.com/html/spec/color0.html

Adobe Colors

Click “Explore” to see schemes. Must copy & paste each hex color individually.


A user-friendly website with attractive palettes based on pictures. You can go to this page to see tagged descriptions of palettes.


For choosing colors based on a picture.


Gain quick confidence with your choice of colors. Use this tool to generate color schemes of good-looking, well balanced and harmonic web pages.

Overall, a useful and sophisticated website. Best to read the brief instructions on using it.

Multimedia (Audio & Video)
online-convert.com Quickly convert various types media online. No software installation needed. Free
www.lipsum.com Generates placeholder text. Also tells the story behind "Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet"
www.blindtextgenerator.com Generates placeholder text