Fall 2017, CSCI-115 - Website Design

Calendar #1 of 3: This course schedule includes most of the assignments and activities.
However, additional work may be assigned as necessary.

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  • Introduction to course



8/25 - 8/28

  • Chapter 1: Intro to the Internet & WWW (pages 1-8; and pages 13-17)
  • Download and organize data files 
8/30 - 9/1
  • Chapter 2: HTML Basics
9/4-9/6 (This assignment will be done during class time)
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9/8 - 13

Storm Days, no classes    

9/15 - 20


On these days we scrambled to catch up various tasks so that topics could be presented in a systematic manner. Tasks and topics were:

  • How to upload the Assignment Page
  • Review of some essential info from Chapter 2
  • A very brief intro to CSS.

The CSS intro breaks the ice with CSS so that students can read Chapter 3 with more ease, and then we can speed through in two days.

The Assignment page was due on 9/15 for the 12:30 class and on 9/18 for the 1:30 class.

Chapter 2 was due on 9/18 for the 12:30 class and on 9/20 for the 1:30 class.

From Chapter 2, do Website Case Study called JavaJam Coffee House, located on pages 66-70.
To submit the work, you will upload it and link it to the Assignment Page that you submitted earlier.
(Once again, these are the FTP instructions)

9/20 - 9/22

  • Chapter 3: Configuring ... with CSS
    Remember that we are working on the Freelance website for practice only.

Continue with JavaJam Coffee House for
Chapter 3
(pages 123-125)



9/25 - 10/2


  • Chapter 4: Visual Element & Graphics

  • Discuss Semester Project
  • Set up Student Presentations
  • Graphic Design Exercise
  • Additional topics as time permits

Continue with JavaJam Coffee House for Chapter 4
(pages 190-194)


Wed., 10/4


TEST #1    This will be a pen & paper test. The phrasing of the questions will be similar to the Checkpoint questions and the Review Questions.