Communications Technology & the Internet

Group Projects Overview

The group projects and assignments for this course will be conducted in teams of 3 or 4 (only 3 for 12:30 class). Since you have been in the course long enough to get to know a few class members, I will allow you to choose your own group members. Throughout the semester, you are responsible for learning how to work through group dynamics successfully.

Your team will be responsible for several assignments and activities over the semester. The overall purposes of these Group Projects are:

Grading for the projects and activities are as follows:

  1. Tech News & Perspectives #1 — 3%
  2. Tech News & Perspectives #2— 3%
  3. Textbook Article — 3%
  4. Podcast — 10%
  5. Peer Evaluation — 1%

The first group project is called “Tech News & Perspectives,” and is based on the TechMinded News of August 24, 2015.

The course calendar displays when each group will present. Click HERE for the specific instructions on the first project.