CSCI-112 • Communications Technology and the Internet

Calendar • Fall 2015

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Class Days

TOPICS & Activities

To be Submitted & Due Date
  • Syllabus, introductions, and access to online material .
Introduce yourself
  • Textbook article -"Introduction Unit Overview", page 6
  • Textbook article - "As Data Overflows Online, Researchers Grapple With Ethics", page 8
  • Verbal introductions - Share with us three interesting facts about yourself. Exclude what you're majoring in and where you're from.

8/28, Blog Response

  • Conversations
  • Self-select group members. Then I will organize them in OAKs. Section 01 will have 4 per group, and section 2 will have 3 per group.
  • Each group will choose a tech news story from Course Casts/TechMinded for 8/24.
  • Group meeting for about 20 minutes.
9/2 -7

The theme for the next three class meetings is Digital Marketing, i.e. developing your online brand.


In addition, groups will present their news stories, which will not necessarily match the theme.



Sept. 9

Set up of Blog will get started in Sept 4th & 7th classes.



9/11 Test 1.
It will cover textbook articles we discussed, and group news reports.


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Class Days

TOPICS & Activities

To be Submitted & Due Date
9/16- 21

The theme for the next 3 class meetings is Internet Foundations and Evolution.

  • 9/16,Textbook article - "4 Reasons Why the Internet of Everything Will Require a New Breed of IT Pros"
  • 9/16, Brief History of Internet History
  • 9/16, Tech News & Perspectives Group 6
  • 9/18, Wayback machine exploration; Another article
  • 9/21, The Semantic web overview. (Web 2.0 & 3.0)
    Read "What is Semantic Web" and
    Listen to "Semantic Web Overview"

    Extra Credit: 2 points added to test --
    Suggest to me a shorter, engaging, and exciting video that does a good job of explaining the Semantic Web. Maybe I'll use it when I teach next semester. To submit, go to OAKS Discussion called Semantic Web, then add the link and about one sentence as to why you like it.

Sept.18 Class work,
Blog response #2


9/25 Test 2