Date: October 4 - 15, 2021

Work to be submitted

Due Dates Assignments and Deliverables
Oct. 4, Mon In-class participation assignment
Oct. 13, Wed Semester Project - Topic Approval


 In-class Discussions and Activities

Class Days Readings, Discussions, & Activities
October 4
  • More of Chapter 4, Creating a Landing Page
  • Be sure to enroll in a group for Fresh Take Presentations: In Oaks, go to Management/Groups
  • Why Validate (in case you haven't read yet)
    I am always urging [demanding] that you validate HTML and CSS pages. Although I have explained some of the reasons, by reading this article, you will appreciate gaining further enlightenment beyond what we have discussed so far. For instance, the prospect of yielding higher traffic to websites is an appeal to any developer.
  • Discuss Semester Project, see link above
October 6
October 8
  • Discuss Chapter 5, Web Design
  • Planning for Chapter 6

October 11-15

October 11-20

  • Chapter 6 , Layout Basics
  • Start Fresh Take Presentations
  • Two Little Tips:
    1) View extensions on file manager
    2) View source code in browser
    • Safari -- may need to set up
    • Others -- Ctrl-U or Cmd-U
  • Fixed Positioning
PREVIEW OF NEXT ASSIGNMENT Responsive Artist Website